Awesome Features

All the features you need when shopping

  • calculate

    Instant Calculations

    See your total as you type the price, discount, and quantity

  • percent

    Multiple discounts

    Add up to five, money, or percentage discounts

  • list

    Save and reuse lists

    Plan your shopping before you go to the store creating lists at home. Lists are reusable

  • check_box

    Calculate by quantity or weight

    Calculate by quantity or by weight

  • do_not_touch

    No annoying ads

    I hate ads as much as you do. Total Plus will always be an ad free app.

  • check

    Custom tax rates

    Add unlimted custom tax rates

  • cut

    Save coupons

    Take your coupons with you. Take a picture and use your coupon at the store.

  • ios_share

    Share lists

    Share lists by message, email or your favor app

  • watch

    Apple watch support

    View the items in your cart and perform quick calculations right on your wrist

  • location_searching

    Auto tax detection (US only)

    Let Total Plus detect your sales tax rate based on your location. This feature is only available for US residents

Getting Started

Downloaded the app and don't know where to start? Here is the recommended workflow to start enjoying Total Plus.

Set your sales tax rate

The first thing we recommend is to set your local sales tax rate.

Create Favorite Items

Create items that you constatly buy. Favorite items are a great way to reuse items throughout lists.

Create Shopping Lists

Create shopping lists and insert favorite items.

Add Items to your Cart

Add items to your cart by inserting favorite items or entire lists.

Start Shopping

Any item added to your Cart direclty from the Favorites screen or from a list, will by default be unchecked so you can check them out as you find them in the store.

Beautiful interface

Take a closer look at the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

Hi, I’m Fily. It’s just me here — no big company or investors. Even though the app is fully functional with the standard features and no annoying ads, going premium unlocks great features. Here is the list of premium features.



check Unlimited item quantities Limited to 2
check Unlimited Lists Limited to 2
check Unlimited Receipts Limited to 2
check Multiple Discounts Disabled
check Programable, Percentage and Decimal Quick-Keys Disabled
check Unlimited Coupons Limited to 2
check Quick No-Tax-Button Disabled

Thank you very much for your support.

You paid for the Premium features but for some reason you had to switch phones or simply re-installed the app and now you no longer have access to the Premium features, not a problem you can always restore prevous purchases by going to Settings > Upgrade > Restore Purchases.

The best way to get in touch is doing it through the app by going to Settings > Support > Contact. When you do it this way the app sends useful information along with your message, such as, the version you're currently using, the device you're using etc. which help us a lot when troubleshooting issues. You can also send me an email directly to

Email Address

Have questions, don't hesitate, send me an email.

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